Welcome to the Carnyx & Co. website. Founded in 1997 Carnyx & Co. is a charitable company which provides a unique interface between musical archaeology and the world of contemporary performance and recording. We have commissioned many new works featuring the reconstructed Deskford Carnyx, documented on seven CDs, three film sound tracks, and live performances and lectures world wide.

Since 2000 Carnyx & Co has also become the parent organisation of a number of exciting ensembles and collaborative projects which continue to generate new work in the fields of contemporary and ancient music, film and theatre. The reconstruction of this iconic Celtic instrument has become the catalyst for a wave of contemporary artistic expression.

As Artistic Director of Carnyx & Co, the future is full of challenge and excitement as our current projects: Trio d’ART, Carnyx Brass, Tam Lin, Red Shift and HeadSpace Ensemble, perform and record new works around the world. My own solo project The Mouthpiece of The Gods continues to reach audiences of all ages and cultural backgrounds, enabling me to tell the story of the fabulous carnyx, and the evolution of the great family of lip reed instruments.

John Kenny

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Carnyx Brass

Carnyx Brass: Paul Archibald (trumpet) Etienne Cutajar (horn) and John Kenny (trombone & carnyx). The trio is the purest of all brass ensembles, demanding clarity and virtuosity of the players at all times. There is nowhere to hide, for performer or composer. Carnyx Brass explores the fine existing repertoire and actively commission new work.
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Possibly the world's most unusual brass ensemble, featuring quadriplegic trumpeter Clarence Adoo playing an electronic instrument which enables him to perform an astonishing variety of sounds, with Torbjorn Hultmark, trumpets and flugal horn, John Kenny, trombones & carnyx, and Chris Wheeler, electronics and turntables.
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Mouthpiece of The Gods

The Mouthpiece of the Gods: recital, lecture, detective story. John Kenny traces the development of the horns and trumpets from the origins of man to the 21st century, including conch shell, pod trumpets, Bronze Age horns, sackbuts and modern trombones, featuring the magnificent 2000 year old Carnyx.
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Red Shift

Red Shift is the most exciting recent development on the UK jazz scene: an improvising composers' ensemble comprising five trombones and blistering rhythm section, lead by Rick Taylor and John Kenny.
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Tam Lin

Tam Lin is the best known of the ancient Border Ballads of Scotland. John Kenny (trombones & fujara flute) Dick Lee (clarinets & recorders) and James Ross (piano) were commissioned by Celtic Connections festival to create this six movement suite, combining folk, jazz and classical styles, interspersed with the ancient poetry.
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Trio d'ART

Trio d'ART is the antidote to the classical piano trio. Paul Archibald (trumpet) Helen Reid (piano) and John Kenny (trombone) explore the riches of this little known medium in works that have been hailed as contemporary masterpieces, both avant garde and neo-romantic.
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Coming up next

Saturday 2 August 2014

Edinburgh Festival shows:

August 9th, 11am, Queens Hall: Stravinsky’s Soldier’s Tale, performed by The Hebrides Ensemble.

August 8 & 9, Tartan Heart Festival, Belladrum

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2014 so far

Saturday 2 August 2014

The first half of 2014 has been filled with fascinating and challenging projects. In January I continued my long collaboration with TNT Theatre Co to produce a new staging of our 2007 production of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, which premiered at the Bochum Schauspielhaus in Germany, and has been on world tour ever since. Paul Stebbings and I will be working on two new productions over

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